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No hidden fees. No tricky fine print. No stress.

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Seedcash tries our best to provide short term loans in convenient, fast and clear ways. Seedcash is always transparent to show all our charges upfront.

Our total true cost is clearly displayed upfront in our online calculator so you know how much you are going to pay before starting the application process. Try our online calculation box and see how easy and convenient to apply the Seedcash loan

Using our loan calculator figures, you can clearly work out whether you can afford to use Seedcash loan with different payment options. Try us now!

Our interests are varied depending on amount of loan from 0.82% per day to 1.2% per day. (299.3% per annum to 438% per annum) These annualised interest rates seem to be high but our Seedcash loan is only for short term. (up to 45 days). For example, if you borrow $700 for 14 days, our total charges including fee and interests are $148.35. Total repayment will be $848.35. You can enjoy the convenient service for your urgent cash needs within this affordable range.

Seedcash does not have penalty for early payment. You can simply pay us for the period that you have used our service. For example, if you are able to make a repayment to us in 15 days, you only pay 15 days of interest and fees even though you initially agreed to borrow the loan for 21 days.

You can see our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for a complete overview of our charges.

Other fee guides:

small icon seed Establishment fee$25~$46
small icon seed Reschedule service fee$15
small icon seed Overpayment refund fee$10
small icon seed Direct Debit fee$5 per transaction
small icon seed Express instant payment (10-30mins)$8
small icon seed Missed payment management fee$45
small icon seed Broken arrangement adjustment fee$45
small icon seed Dishonour fee$15
small icon seed Letter sending out charge$10
small icon seed Wage deduction assignment$30
small icon seed Credit agency fee (lodging default with credit agency)$30
small icon seed External collection costas incurred
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If you think scheduled payments cannot be made on time, first thing you need to do is talk to us. We do understand that sometimes, things come up unexpectedly. We will listen to your situation to make sure we can make suitable arrangement for you. If there is no response from you after the promised payment date, we will call you to understand your situation.